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Low rate financing loans for mobile home parks and trailer communities is our business.

Mobile home park financing loans make it possible for business owners and investors to provide safe and affordable housing to the public. These communities are becoming more popular as our society becomes more transient in nature due to many socio-economic reasons. Many Americans, due to economics, choose to live in these fantastic little communities.

Manufactured housing is built to pre-emptive federal standards of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These standards are referred to as the "HUD code". Local governments do not regulate installation or construction problems with individual units. Lending on these properties are necessary for businesses and individuals that are interested in purchasing one of these business and investment opportunities. Easy qualifying makes this process quick and simple. Today, the value of these types of properties is high and most individuals and companies do not keep the cash needed outright purchase the trailer - Mobile Home Park. Low financing mortgage rate loans is the answer for most investors. Even multi-billion dollar companies take out mortgages because leverage is an essential financial tool that allows for capital retention and additional investment.

At Maximum Financial we focus on loans financing mobile home parks nationally. RV and MHP properties are a niche in the lending world that requires special knowledge, expertise and experience. You need an expert to properly represent your best interests and package your financial request in a way that will make the lender say yes the first time. You may lower your interest rate and pay less offering a higher cash flow and bigger profits by doing a refi on your current MHP. If purchasing a mobile home / trailer park, financing your loans at rates properly at the beginning will assure a successful business operation going long into the future. Most of the money you pay out to your current lender goes towards paying the interest only. When you refinance, you will keep more of your money in your pocket where it belongs. Your savings can be used for improvements, upgrades or anything you wish.

With many years of experience, the staff at MFI has a thorough understanding of this business and can package and process your request in such a manner as push the lender to approve your application package on the first submission. Our staff prides itself on offering the highest level of customer service to every client.

Whether you are looking into financing mobile home park loans to lower your monthly payments, pay your investment off sooner or to pull equity cash out of your commercial property, a Maximum Financial representative will be happy to assist you. We have the right financial solution for you and will take all the time necessary to counsel you towards the best financial solution for your particular needs and situation.

We do not have lenders where the majority of the living units are owned by the business. The majority of the units must be "Owner Occupied." We have creative lenders who can structure a program for that business you want to buy, rehabilitate or refinance. Many conventional banks have been turning down borrowers looking for this type funding only because the request was not properly presented. That's where we come. We are experienced and knowledgeable professionals in this niche market and can make the difference between success and failure in financing your loans on mobile home parks. Rates make all the difference as well.

A slow economy does not have a negative impact on this industry. In Fact, it's just the opposite. The most affordable housing seems to thrive when other facets of the economy falter. During down turns in the economy, foreclosure rates can increase as much as 25 percent, while office and retail vacancies increase as much as 30 percent. This is lost revenue to commercial office and retail properties. It is not recovered until the markets and the economy recovers. Manufactured housing offers inexpensive options to the public. Apply now if you are looking to enter this wonderfully cash flow rich business or just need to access some equity to put to use on more investments or improving the property. We take the pain out of the process by employing all of our experience and expertise in this niche market.

In summary, these fantastic real estate investments can provide a secure retirement income stream or just suppliment your portfolio's cash flow. In order to optimize that cash flow you need optimal mobile home park financing loans that offer flexibility, ease of acquiring, low rates and fees and other features that enhance your investment. That is where we at MFI come in. We are the experts. Submit our quick app or call for more detailed information.








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Demand will continue due to inexpensive living. Financing loans for mobile home parks will continue to offer the business owner alternatives.