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 Lenders financing loans on auto body and repair shops. Tire stores, lube and tune facilities too.

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We at Maximum Financial arrange financing for loans on automobile repair and body shops. Tire stores, lube, tune up and automotive repair and body shop loans and financing lenders offer terms for amounts starting at $75,000 and up.

Financing loans for automotive repair, body shops made easy. The commercial terms can range from one year and up to thirty years. We will package a file specific to your request and make it easy for the lender to say "yes". We can generally have a "pre-approval" with specific terms, rates and payments plus and costs generated and to you in 1 or 2 days from the date we have your application. Our automotive body repair shop loans and financing  representative will be in constant communication with you through the entire process from application to closing. He or she will answer any questions you may have and guide you to the most favorable program for you according to your situation and growth plans.

LTV and down payment requirements can vary. There is not a rigid or standard down payment or minimum down payment required. However most lenders want to see at least 10% "skin in the game" from the borrower in cash. Often more, but that depends on the big picture of the transaction. The term down payment is more appropriate in relation to the transaction between the buyer and seller. The lender is looking for a maximum LTV percentage that they are willing to lend on. Usually 80 - 90% maximum. This LTV can be achieved with your equity or cash into the deal, but it can also be accomplished with secondary or seller carry back on purchase transactions. This is where the seller acts like a bank and holds a second lien on the property for a specified time. You make payments on the new first mortgage and a payment to the seller. Typically, the maximum LTV on a new first mortgage is 80%+-. On SBA up to 90% of the appraised value or purchase price which ever is less.

If you are in this industry, you know this property type is hard to get banks to say yes and approve an application for funding. Banks and commercial lenders decline up to ninety percent of these applications for various reasons. To be approved for this property type, most commercial lenders require you to have been in business at least a few years and require you to have assets to secure to get working capital for day to day business. Environmental issues huge in this business. They also need to be addressed properly. That's where we come in. We'll walk you through the entire process.

We specifically want to make you a life time client for all your business real estate lending needs. We earn this by keeping up to date on all industry related topics, lending requirements and maintaining good professional relationships with our lenders and underwriters. Lending laws have changed dramatically in the past several years due to the debacles in the industry we are all familiar with. Maximum Financial will work with you on your commercial property purchase or refinance for your automotive body, repair, tune or lube shop financing loans. We are here to help you meet your financial goals in a timely and professional manner.

Unfortunately, most banks and other lending institutions nationwide will turn down loan requests for these service related commercial properties. There are environmental and hazardous materials issues associated with automotive repair, lube, tune and body shops. Financing loans for property with underground tanks pose a special environmental problems for most lenders. We know our way around these issues and can get it done with the least possible hassles and expense.

You can quickly and easily apply online for automotive financing loans on body and repair shop facilities. You'll get offers at the most competitive interest rates and terms quickly and with no obligation. If these commercial properties are set up and operated properly, they can actually be preferred by certain niche lenders over other types of commercial properties. Interest rates and fees are only two of the many different concerns lenders have in approving these properties. Terms such as fixed or adjustable rates, short or long term, recourse or non-recourse, pre-payment penalties, lockouts and other important factors all play into your decision making process. It can be complicated and we are here to help you decipher all these things and arrive at a program and strategy that makes sense for your particular qualifying situation and long term goals. Apply today for your automotive or body repair shop financing loans quickly and easily on line.







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