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We are your reliable source for quick and easy gas station loans financing convenience c-stores. As a leading provider of conventional and Small Business Administration (SBA) commercial loans on gas station / convenience c-store financing, we understand the unique problems and aspects of obtaining a lender for this type property. We know how to package the file to make the lender want to say yes to the loan request! Be it conventional or government backed funding packages, we are the professional source for packaging and funding these difficult properties.

Environmental issues are huge to lenders because the property could be shut down or condemned thus eliminating all or part of the value of the collateral that secures the debt. Inspections known as phase 1 or phase 2 environmental reports are always part of the process on these property types. The cost of these are the borrowers responsibility unless the seller has a recent one. While these reports can be a little expensive, they are nearly always required and should be considered a necessary part of funding these properties. Knowing how to navigate through the maze of lender requirements and the pitfalls of packaging these funding requests is paramount to a successful closing. That's where we come in. We are the pros and typically get the lender to say yes the first time.That is why we are able to place millions of dollars annually to lenders that specialize in these profitable properties.

Nationwide, most banks and other conventional commercial lenders will often turn down requests for loans on convenience c-stores with gas station financing. Commercial lenders just do not want the environmental issues associated with these properties. Usually, the borrower's credit is good and the property is is well located and profitable. Still, they just don't want to handle gas station c-store convenience properties. Because of this one issue, many well qualified and experienced business people do not get the opportunity they need to purchase or refinance. Maximum Financial has the sources and the expertise and  will work with you to close those loans for financing your gas station - convenience c-store that other lenders will not handle.

Should you use conventional commercial loans for financing gas station purchases or SBA? Well first off you would need to see if the numbers make sense. What is the purchase price including inventory? What is the NOI or Net Operating Income? What do the business financials look like? How many pumps are there and how many gallons of fuel are pumped per month? A reasonably successful operation will give you at least $80,000 gallons per month in sales and inside sales of $50,000. Fuel sales should pay your monthly payment plus. As far as lenders for a business loan, banks look at your experience, if you have a partner that you can trust and has the experience that would help obtaining the approval.

There really is not a standard down payment or minimum down payment requirement, however most lenders want to see at least 10% cash into the transaction from the borrower. The term down payment is more appropriate to the transaction between the seller and buyer. The lender is looking for a maximum loan-to-value or LTV percentage that they are willing to lend on. This LTV can be achieved with your equity or cash into the deal, but it can also be achieved with subordinated or seller carry back on purchase transactions. This is where the seller acts like a lender and holds a second lien on the property. You make payments on the new 1st mortgage and a payment to the seller. Typically, the maximum LTV on a new first mortgage is 75%+-. On SBA sometimes up to 90%

Personal transportation will never go away. Americans are addicted to their automobiles. The need to fuel and service these vehicles will never go away either. We all need a capable and trustworthy source help us keep our cars running at a fair price and to advise us when our vehicles need attention. That's why the need for a reliable, professional source for getting the loans for financing a gas station with convenience c-store is so great. We look forward to reviewing your request soon.







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There will always be a demand for convenience stores and gas stations. Loans for financing these commercial properties will also remain in demand.