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Maximum Financial provides access to direct commercial lenders and real estate lending programs. While commercial real estate lenders offer low rates and easy qualifying, there are many other factors to consider when shopping for lenders of commercial real estate loans. Being a service oriented company with specialists in nearly every property and business type, we bring expertise to the financing process in almost every niche area. Our goal is to be the best in class through high ethics and excellence in service, today and for all of your future needs.

As professional loan originators for nearly all commercial lenders for real estate financing, we bring the ability to make the underwriters want to say "yes" to our client's loan requests regardless of property or business type.

Here are just a few of the properties we arrange funding for:
Apartment Buildings,  Auto Repair Service Garages,  Auto Body Shop,  Auto Sales - Car Lots,  Bar / Lounges,  Bed and Breakfast,  Business Only - No Real Estate,  Campgrounds,  Car Wash,  Child - Day Care Centers,  Churches,  Gas Station - Convenience Stores, Hotels,  Laundromat,  Light  Industrial,  Marinas,  Mixed Use,   Mobile Home Parks,  Motels,  Multi Family,  Office Buildings, Office Warehouse, Office Retail  Restaurants  Retail Strip Shopping Centers,  RV Parks,  SBA,  Self / Mini Storage Units,  Warehouses and Many Other Property Types

What do commercial lenders look for?

  • Financial and Property Analysis
    Fair Market Value and Fair Market Rent will be analyzed. Special use property may require additional underwriting. Age, appearance, local market, location, and accessibility are some other factors considered. A primary element in making an underwriting decision is the Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR). The DCR is defined as the monthly debt of the business compared to the net monthly income of the subject property. For example: on a DCR of 1 to 1.10 a commercial lender is saying that they are looking for a $1.10 in net income from the real estate for each $1.00 mortgage payment. They will usually determine the DCR ratio based on monthly figures, not annual figures. They look at monthly mortgage payment compared to the monthly net income. The higher the DCR ratio required, the more conservative the lender. Most lenders will never go below a 1:1 ratio (a dollar of debt payment per dollar of income generated) however, some will under certain circumstances. Anything less then a 1:1 ratio will result in a negative cash flow situation raising the risk to the lender. DCR's are set by property type and what a investor perceives the risk to be. Today, apartment properties are considered to be the least risky category of investment lending. As such, investors are more inclined to use smaller DCR's when evaluating a request. Bars and restaurants have a very high risk and may require a higher DCR.  We at MFI guide you through all of this. Information is free, mistakes are not.

  • Loan to Value
    Unlike residential lending, of real estate properties are viewed more conservatively. Most will offer a maximum of 80% LTV based on purchase price or appraised value which ever is lower. A buyer may get in with as little as 10% down if the seller is willing to carry back a 2nd mortgage. Some commercial mortgage lenders will require more than 10% contribution towards the purchase from the purchaser. Loan to value is the percentage calculation of the loan amount divided by purchase price or appraised value whichever is lowest. If you know what the LTV requirements are, you can also calculate the loan amount by multiplying the purchase price by the LTV percentage.

  • Credit Worthiness
    For businesses less than three years old, personal credit of the owners or principals will be considered. This may hold true for longer periods of time for when guarantors are required. For corporations, business performance and credit ratings will be evaluated with a proven track record.
  • Experience
    Many commercial real estate lenders like to see some degree of experience in the industry. If not experience in owning and operating the business, they want to see some type of history in the field as a manager or an employee. This can be alleviated if the property is being purchased as an investment property and a management team in in place that has experience. Also, if you plan on participating in the operation of the business yourself without experience, you may hire management to help get you started.










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