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Mortgage loans for financing car wash commercial properties are available at terms and low interest rates that allow the owner to enjoy a strong cash flow and monthly income stream. Trying to secure car wash financing loans can be very challenging without the right representation. It can also be very easy if you have the right packager that knows your business and can present your request so that a lender wants to say "yes". These very profitable businesses can be a part time operation for coin operated, no attendant facilities or can be a fulltime responsibility at least for the full service locations. Repairs, utilities, maintenance, water reclamation, advertising, supplies, insurance and other factors are important to consider in running a car wash. Financing mortgage loans can be a large expense as well. 

Financial Analysis
Types of financing loans for a car wash can vary also depending on the type. A very important key component in making an underwriting evaluation to approve a request for financing car wash loans is the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR). The DSCR is defined as the monthly debt payments in comparison to the net monthly income of the subject commercial property. Using a DSCR of 1:1.10 underwriters say that they want to see a $1.10 in net income for each $1.00 monthly mortgage payment. The higher the DSCR is the more conservative the lender and the more difficult qualifying can be. Most of them will not go below a 1:1 ratio (a dollar of debt payment per dollar of income generated). Anything less then a 1:1 ratio will result in a negative cash flow situation making for a very high risk for the lender and the borrower. DSCR's are set by property type.

The car wash industry is basically divided into 3 types of facilities.

  1. Coin Operated - Also known as "wand style". We've all done it. Put your coins in and hand spray clean your vehicle yourself. Here the automobile owner sprays down  his own vehicle with a pre-soak solution, soap and rinse. Simple. As the facility owner, you offer the space and cleaning equipment, the operator of the vehicle handles the labor involved in the cleaning process. The quality of the cleaning job on the vehicle depends totally on the person using the equipment. This type of facility is generally not attended or at best is minimally attended or checked on periodically. It does, however, require regular re-supplying, maintenance and janitorial work.

  2. Conveyor - Also referred to as Full Service facilities. Interior / exterior or flexible service are offered in this type facility. A conveyor facility is attended full time by a manager and cleaning staff. The number of staff  required depends on the extent of the services you offer. In this case, the vehicle is placed on a conveyor track that pulls the vehicle through a series of pre-soak and soap applicators, rinses and dryers. On exterior only service, the vehicle owner may remain in the vehicle. For Full Service, the owner leaves the vehicle, and you, the facility owner, provides the labor to clean and detail the interior and exterior of the vehicle. There are usually lots of retail automotive products on display in the lobby area which can tremendously to the bottom line profits.

  3. Automated Cash, Debit or Credit Card Machine - Often called a pass-over or rollover machine. The equipment may be touch free or it may be a brush-style unit that relies on soft foam or fiber brushes to actually make contact with and clean the vehicle. This facility offers in-bay or automatic exterior only vehicle cleaning while the automobile operator remains in the vehicle. Here the vehicle pulls up to by a push button box where a code is entered or cash or credit or debit card is inserted and payment is made. The vehicle operator selects the  type of wash and enters. At gas stations sites, the transaction may take place at the pump where a code is issued while transacting the gasoline purchase.

These are considered good investments by commercial lenders. Americans still carry on a love affair with their automobiles and will continue to have their vehicles be a visual display of their status and character. We all know that on Saturday morning there will be a long line at the car wash. Loans for financing these enterprises are a great investment for lenders and other private funding sources. Be sure to apply on line now for a quick response to your request for a rate quote, prequalification or just to find out what is available. These quite profitable business ventures can be a part time management situation for coin operated, no attendant facilities or can be a fulltime day to day management responsibility at least for the full service operations.








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