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It's quick and easy to get low rates financing loans on mixed use property if you expertly package the underwriting file so that the committee wants to say "yes" the first time it's submitted. That's where we come in. We specialize in Property Loans Financing Mixed Use. Facilitating just the right type of financing loans for your mixed use property plays a large part in your overall business investment plan. Loan terms with fixed and variable rates from two to thirty years are available with full doc income qualifying as well as many other options for funding programs. We are your investment real estate funding specialists.

We close as many of these real estate types that any other special use real estate. We possess years of experience, knowledge, expertise of the industry as well as long established and successful relationships with the actual lenders that also understand these properties and desire to lend on them. You are probably aware that the subject business itself is the underwriting strong point. That's where your expertise come in. You need to run the business management professionally and keep on top of all daily operation issues as they arise. That's another reason why our loans for financing mixed use property are critical in your overall business plan.

Advantageous interest rates on financing for mixed use property loans are not standardized as in residential lending. Your interest rate will vary depending on many various factors. These include your down payment, total amount borrowed, your fico scores, LTV, physical condition of the subject, experience in business and other factors. As soon as we are in receipt of your full application package, we will get proposals from commercial lenders usually within 48 hours. At that time we can give you all the details including but not limited to your interest rate and program term options. Maximum Financial has the experience and knowledge necessary to understand the unique nature of your industry and have the ability to customize a program to your specialized requirements. This means finding you the lowest down payment, the lowest interest rate and the most appropriate terms to fit your mixed use property financing loans that will meet your long term financial aspirations.

Persuading a lender to say yes to your funding request for mixed use property financing loans is as much an art form as it is a sales endeavor. The underwriting package must be sold in such a way that the funder is compelled to approve the application request or it is most likely to be turned down. Usually a conventional banker has little experience with funding these and understanding of the business in general. For those reasons mixed use property financing loans can be difficult to find and time consuming to properly and completely package. That's where we really shine. We inform them with a persuasive business plan summary in writing that will make them want to approve and close the deal.

While it's hard work, owning and running this type of property can be interesting, very rewarding and most important, profitable. That said, these can be time consuming and a career that offer challenges daily and could require a substantial investment of time and money. Some expenses typical in this type property include maintenance, insurance, advertising, utilities and sewage. These can be overwhelming if you're not prepared for them. That's another reason a well prepared professional business plan in critical.

Over many years we have established numerous long term relationships with the direct lenders that fund these types of properties and businesses.  We have several funders that we have approved to provide quick and easy real estate funding directly to our borrowers. We use our widely extensive experience in these properties to place your request with the best lender for your unique qualifications from our list of the leading commercial financial institutions. This enables us to better prepare to meet the financial needs of the property owner, whether it is for a new purchase or a cash out refinance for expansion, improvement or remodeling.

Finally, since we fund as many of these properties as any other type of commercial real estate, we know how to expertly package the file so that the lender can't say no. We are well experienced in these types of properties. If you will go to our quick application, we can have full terms and conditions on funding a program for you within 24 hours of a completely documented application. Our proposals include interest rates, fee and cost estimates and an explanation of the underwriting process you will be involved in. No small print or confusing words. Just a plain English funding proposal. We look forward to serving you and all your financial commercial real estate needs.








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It's fast and easy to fund mixed use property loans for financing  purchase or refinance.